No matter how confident or satisfied we are as artists, we all have areas of our performance that could use some improvement - and in most cases, different amounts of improvement. Think about your ability to physically control your body on stage, for instance. Do you have enough skills and strategies to manage a performance? If so, awesome! But now move on to another area: consistency. Are you able to consistently perform at a high level in different high pressured environments? What about your enjoyment and performance satisfaction? Do you feel like you prepare for hundreds of hours only to get nervous and try to survive, or is performing a transcendent experience that you look forward to every time you step on stage?


DEvelop a stronger PErformance foundation

The Pillars of Performing is a way to examine your performance anxiety and career, and rate your satisfaction, so you can determine which areas need more focus than others. Think of each area of your performance anxiety like a key pillar in a building. When one pillar crumbles, the whole building is thrown off balance. By getting this overview of your performance anxiety, you can learn your natural strengths and determine what to focus on improving.

Create your spectacular performance experience

In the performance world, too many performers either give up on solving their performance anxiety or have no idea how to overcome it. In order to overcome anxiety and create your positive performance experiences, you must first create an overview of where you are right now.

Take the Liberated Performer Pillars of Performing test to kick start your journey to becoming the confident performer you want to be - and deserve to be.