Who Is Coach Cory?

My name is Corin Lee, or as Liberated Performer members call me, "Coach Cory." I began the violin at age 2.5 and loved playing and performing music. In fact, I was playing at a high level for my age! However, somewhere in my teenage years, everything turned for the worse. I began shaking, sweating, and doubting myself during concerts, auditions, lessons, and even rehearsals. It was flat out embarrassing. I lived with intense stage fright for a decade until I had a huge wake up call. I entered a small regional competition and performed terribly. In fact, it left me depressed and unmotivated for three weeks. I didn't practice at all.  As time passed, I eventually got over the rut and used that horrendous experience as leverage and motivation to overcome performance anxiety once and for all.

I decided to take practical steps and began researching and experimenting with all types of solutions. I collaborated with psychoanalysts, psychologists, neuroscientists, professional touring musicians, and top conservatory faculty to form my solution called Liberated Performer. Since creating Liberated Performer, my career began to take off. I was accepted into Juilliard and Yale, received opportunities to perform on the main stage of Carnegie Hall, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, EDC Las Vegas, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert all because I was able to perform to my full potential in PUBLIC. 

Since 2011, I have coached musicians of all ages and talent levels to improve their auditions, competitions, solo recitals, and ensemble performances. Many have gone on to win prestigious undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and artist diploma spots at top conservatories, international competitions, full scholarships, concertmaster positions, positions in top tier orchestras, perform spectacular solo recitals, and management. I currently coach individuals, at the New York Youth Symphony Audition Bootcamps, and give workshops around the world. In addition to coaching, I try my best to live the Liberated Performer lifestyle by performing as much as I can. I am currently a soloist and member of ETHEL, which is under Baylin Artists Management.