Liberated Performer® Workshops

Harness the power of confidence. Use cutting edge strategies to empower your performances.

Confidence is the key to winning auditions, performing your best, and enjoying your career. Those who master the mental side of performing actualize the thousands of hours they spend in the practice room because they are able to play like themselves in pressure situations. 

Why liberate performers? Studies have shown that performance anxiety affects all genders, all ages, and all levels of performers from children to long time professionals. However, the mental side of performing is barely addressed, yet it remains a vital ingredient in the formula for a successful career.

Learn the skills you need to thrive in performance situations and never let anxiety hold you back again. 


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You'll learn how to

√ Overcome the mental and physical effects of anxiety like tense muscles, shaking, and self-doubt.

√ Strategies to help you manage anxiety in high-pressure situations.

√ Strategies to increase confidence both in performing and in life.

√ An in-depth understanding of anxiety so you can create your own customized plan of attack.

√ Full proof preparation system based on the most recent international competition winners as well as the judges themselves.

√ Hands-on experience of facing your fears, overcoming them, and walking away with a new positive perspective of the stage.

√ Creating a pre-performance routine for repeated success.



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